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All North Attractions

Along the Coast:

Tour Caesarea Maritima, Roman period metropolis along the coast, known also for important events in Christian and Jewish history. 

West of Caesarea, explore the Roman water supply system by walking through on the water systems at Mei Kedem.

Near Caesarea, learn about Tel Dor at the local museum, visit Atlit Detainee camp, where British held Jews attempting to escape Nazi Europe.

zichronVisit Zichron Yaakov, one of the first towns of the Zionist movement, including Aharonson Family House which was the base of the NILI underground operation.

Drive up the Carmel to visit a Druze village and market, and reach the traditional site of the battle of Elijah against the prophets of Ba’al  – “Muhraka“. 

Visit Haifa, the biggest city in the north, known for its harbor, the German Colony in Haifa and the Bahai Gardens in Haifa.

Explore Akko, former capital city of the Crusaders. Stroll in its market, explore its underground Templars Tunnel and the Hospitallers Citadel / “The Knights Halls”; go for a Boat ride, visit Al-Jazzar Mosque, the unique Akko Mosaics synagogue, and the nearby Tomb of Baha’u’llah site.



In Nazareth, visit the  Church of Annunciation (Luke 1), its Archaeological Museum and the nearby S. Joseph Church. Continue to the Synagogue church (Luke 4),  S. Gabriel church at “Mary’s Well“.

Join a tour to visit “Nazareth Village, an open air museum that reenacts life in the Galilee in the tims of Jesus.

Explore Sepphoris, Roman period city rich in finds and highly important in both Jewish and Chrsitian history. Nearby visit the Visitors center of Eshkol Water Filtration Plant.

Enter Cana, possible location of the “first miracle” performed by Jesus (John 2), and visit the churches of the village, and possibly try some of the local wine.

Learn about  the formation of the “kibbutz” by a visit to  Kinneret Farm and its nearby Kinneret Cemetery. Nearby kanoo on the Jordan River at “Rob Roy“.

Ascend up to top of Mount Tabor, and learn about the history of the mountain, and especially the Christian tradition of the Transfiguration.

Expereince and possibly partcipate in a baptism ceremony at the Jordan River at  Yardenit; and Kanoo on the Jordan River at nearby “Rob Roy“.

beit shean small

Explore ancient Beit She’an at day, or at night ( the night show “Leylot She’an“). Nearby explore Beth AlphaBelvoir ; Aenon near Salim; Bio-Tour Sde-Eliyahu; or go for a swim at the Sachne.

Visit  Beth Shearim, hometown of Rabbi Judah the Prince, who codified the “Mishna and whose burial at the site turned it to a large Necropolis.

Visit Magdala, hometown of Mary Magdalene, where recently a first century Synagogue was discovered (!). Nearby go for a hike in Nahal Amud.

hamath tiberias

Visit the ancient synagogue at Hamat Tiberias . Continue to Tiberias and the Abulafia Synagogue, the “Tomb of Maimonides, “Tomb of the Matriarchs”, tomb of “Tomb of Rabbi Me’ir Ba’al Hanes”, “Tomb of Rachel“, “Tomb of Rabbi Akiva, and Mount Berenice.

At Kibbutz Ginosar visit the “Sea of Galilee Boat“, a wrecked wooden boat from the time of Jesus (!). From the local pier, you can also go for a Sail on the Sea of Galilee.

Review the Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and fish (Luke 9), and the “Church of the Primacy of Peter”  (John 21) at Tabgha.

Stroll on the old “Founders street” of Rosh Pina and learn about the first Zionist pioneers and their struggles.

Learn about the “Sermon on the Mount” at Mount of Beatitudes  and enjoy the stunning panormica view at the site.

Visit Capernaum, “the town of Jesus“. Review its archaeological finds and assess its historical importance.

Explore the biggest Biblical period site in Israel – Tel Hazor, as well as Medieval site nearby of Chastellet.

Book a tour of  “Domus Galilaeae” , a Catholic learning institution relating to the “Sermon on the Mount” (Luke 6), and visit its nearby ancient site of Chorazin.

Ascend to the top of Mt. Tabor and visit the impressive Catholic church that commemorates the transfiguration of Jesus (Luke 9). Continue to Nein, where Jesus raised a younf man from the dead.


Learn about the Druze and their unique heritage by a visit to their Holy site of Nebi Shu’ayb.


Visit Jewish Heritage sites at Safed and learn about the “Goldan age” of Safed as a Kabbalah center, as well as appreciating the noumerous art galleries.

Hike to the top of Montfort Castle, former fortified center of the German Teutonic order in Crusaders times.

rosh hanikra cable carDescend by a short and steep cable car ride to the cavernous tunnels at the border between Israel and Lebanon at Rosh Hanikra Grottoes. Nearby visit Ghetto Fighters’ House.

Explore the Israelite period cultic center at  Tel Dan and visit the  Mayan Baruch Prehistoric Man Museum and the 1997 Israeli Helicopter Disaster Memorial.

baniasLearn about the  Confession of Peter by a visit to Caesarea Philippi (Banias), and possibly walk along the Banias hike and water fall.

ayunVisit the well designed “Tel Hai” historical site, which includes a reconstruction of the battle where Trumpeldor died, and hike in the nearby Ayun Stream.


Golan Heights

Ascend to the top of Mt. Bental, to appreciate a stunning panoramic view of the Golan Heights. Near by, join a workshop at De Karina Chocolatiere and try some local wine at Pelter winery.

Get a great “off the beaten track” experience of the Golan heights by joining an ATV tour against the Syrian Border  or a horse ride, and later visitig the Golan Heights Wind Farm.

Learn about the Golan heights with a visit to the  ‘Golan Magic’ Visitor center, and “OZ 77” which presents a movie about the OZ 77 unit in 1973 war.

Learn about Jewish Heroism at Gamla in Roman times. Nearby, appreciate remains of Jewish synagogue at  Umm el-Kanatir.

Explore an archaeological site of possibly Bethsaida, and drive up along the Jordan River Rapids.

Visit Kursi, site of the  “Miracle of the Swine” (Mat. 8), and hike up to Sussita. Nearby, learn how to make a “Shofar” at Kol Shofar.

baniasHike along the Banias hike and water fall, the GilabunNahal El-Al, or Ayun Stream.Alternatively swim at the Hidden Waterfall , but if with small kids, better if you do the Majrasa.