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Golan Heights Wind Farm

The Golan Heights Wind farm is located on one of the most scenic hilltops in Israel, and being close to the border of Syria, it has an unmanned Israeli bunker built in it as well. It was built in 1992 by a local mineral water company (“Mey Eden”) and was the first wind farm in the Middle East. The 10 turbines generate 6MW in total, which are consumed by “Mey Eden” company, “Golan heights Winery”, and about 20,000 people.

Book a Private Tour in the Golan Heights 

Golan Heights Wind Farm are at the Eatstern end of the Golan Heights , which are about 3 hours drive from Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv  . Being so it is recommended to devote atleast two days for touring this region. Contact me for more details and a tour proposal.

Points of Interest in the Area

bental UNMt. Bental
kesem hagolan“Golan Magic” Visitors Center
Umm el-Kanatir
golan heights bental Golan Heights