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“Google Street View” reached Jerusalem – and my car!..

The local media reported already in August of 2011 on the arrival to Israel of the street recorders for “Google Street View“.

This ambitious (and a bit ferreting..) project by Google aims to provide continuous visual information on every street in every central city. The results can be viewed in “Google Maps” by dragging the yellow figure in the scale into the map.

Google street view recorder in the old city of Jerusalem.

Only recently, I stumbled upon one of these recording vehicles in the Old city, next to the Holy Sepulchre, and again when parking (in a Public zone spot..) on mount of Olives.

Google Street View recorder on Mount of Olives.

I only hope this will not cause me to get a parking ticket.. 🙂




Suprising Appendix:

A month later I was suprised to see that “Google Street view” cameras took a photo of me  when taking a photo them on Mount of Olives!, and aired it!!

Here is the result –

Me on “Google Street View”!! Click on the photo to see original.

From another angle it shows “Google Street View” cameras also took a photo of my rear window, producing some free advertisment for me!! 🙂

Here is the photo –

Free Add of my logo on Google Street View!!.. Click on the photo to see original

Thank you “Google Street View”! 🙂