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Group Tours

A few times a year I run a group tour, open to any one whishing to join.

Here are the forthcoming group tours:

“Exclusive Israel” BAS Study Tour, October 2014

* “Moriah Center’ Israel Tour, March 2015.


[From Tripadvisor July 13, 2014]NEW

Danny the Digger knows his stuff!!!! He is well educated, articulate and passionate about history, archeology, and his country of Israel. If you pull and push a little, his fun and witty personality will come out!! As this was my 4th group tour of Israel and probably my 6 or 7th guide, I feel as though my opinion is based in past experiences. Danny is one of the top guides I have toured with. I would recommend him highly – especially if you and your group has a special interest in archeology and digs.

Visited June 2014