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Danny The Digger - Israel Private Tours

Guy de L., Johnson&Johnson

I am regional finance controller for a large multinational company and visited our affiliate in Israel in December. After a full day of meetings, our finance director organized a short sightseeing tour to Jeruzalem in the evening. Danny turned out to be our guide. He took us from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in his very comfortable SUV. During that 1 hour drive he told us all about the history of Israel. It was then that I realized that Danny was not just a guide like any other guide. His knowledge was … well… beyond my imagination. And not only his knowledge about Israel, but in general about world history and politics. It turned out that Danny studied archaeology, has worked many years in that field and is an archaeology lecturer at the University of Jerusalem. In 2 hours he showed us the most important historical sites and buildings in Jerusalem and gave us a great insight into Israels complex history. Dany did not avoid challenging questions from our side. He was also very flexible and had different options in mind depending on our time availability. My Israeli colleagues and I were so impressed that we decided to have a short sightseeing our in Tel Aviv the next day before flying back home. Again this trip was amazing. Amongst others, Danny showed me the building where Israel was declared an independant state in 1948 and showed the video of the original speech. With that he gave very detailed information about the rationale to declare the State of Israel. After that we visited the old part of town, including all important historical buildings. And all that in just 2 hours. After tis trip, he brougt me straight to the airport.

If you decide to go to Israel and get to know its history and culture, I strongly recommend to take Danny as a personal guide. You will learn 10 times more than with group tours, and all of that in a very relax atmosphere. And he is also just a fun guy to hang out with. Next time I go to Israel, I will definitively call Danny again for another one of his exciting tours!

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