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Danny The Digger - Israel Private Tours

Hedy L., USA

20 April 2009

Subject: Danny Herman Archaeological Tours

To Whom It May Concern:

During a recent springtime visit to Israel, my traveling companions and I had the great fortune to discover “Danny the Digger’s” website and take full advantage of a few of his fantastic archaeological tours.

On our first adventure, we enjoyed a full day trip through the Judean desert, up along the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, with stops in Tiberias and Tzfat (Safed). Danny is extremely knowledgeable about archaeology, biblical history (new and old Testament), socio-demographic issues and political affairs.  He provided fascinating commentary and information throughout the trip. My interests were equally focused on Israeli plants and animals and Danny was very cooperative about stopping so I could photograph plants or birds along the way. Although he said he didn’t know much about the local floral and faunal species, he often did.

Our second trip with Danny was a half day tour of the City of David and a few locations within Jerusalem (including the Mount of Olives). My friend and I had a marvelous time with Danny that day. The highlight of our trip was walking through Hezekiah’s Tunnel.  Again, Danny showed us many wonderful things, was extremely accommodating and provided high quality commentary and information about the archaeological sites and Jerusalem as a whole.

Danny’s obvious love for Israel shines through his every word.  Beyond the historical / archaeological / holy sites, Danny was more than willing to show us areas off the beaten path. He also introduced us to two fabulous restaurants, one outside of Tiberias and another in Jerusalem near Ben Yehuda Street. If we saw something of interest, Danny was always willing to take the time for a detour.  We never felt rushed and were able to enjoy these very special places at our own pace.

I would highly recommend tours with Danny to all Holy Land visitors regardless of your area of interest. He greatly enriched our Israeli experience and was worth every sheckel!


Hedy Levine
San Diego, California