Located in the far north of Israel, Mount Hermon is the highest mountain in the country, and it is the boundary mark between Lebanon and Syria. It is popular among Israelis for its short ski season but a gem to explore year-round.

History of Mount Hermon

The Old Testament implies that the Hermon was sacred to the Canaanites (I Chr. 5:23), and its name is derived from the root HRM, which means sanctified. Furthermore, Abraham’s Covenant of the Parts (Genesis 15) took place on the Hermon mountainside to Jewish and Muslim traditions. The Hermon is not mentioned by name in the New Testament, but some scholars suggest that the transfiguration of Jesus (Luke 9) could have occurred on Mount Hermon. Indeed, later, Peter stated that the transfiguration occurred “on the sacred Mountain” (2 Peter 1:18).

Being such a strategic place, Israeli forces got a hold of Hermon’s summit on the 8th day of the “Six Day” War (yes, that does sound strange, doesn’t it). Syrian commando forces recaptured it during the 1973 war, but by the end of the war, it was back in Israeli hands. Today, the UN is stationed at its peak, monitoring the Israeli-Syrian ceasefire agreement 1974.

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Touring Mount Hermon

hermon-skiThe mountain top is a military zone, but Israel has developed a trendy ski resort behind it. The Hermon’s ski season is relatively short, usually lasting only 50 days, yet it is popular among Israelis. About 300,000 visitors enjoy its 14 ski trails, five chair lifts, and mountain sled. In 2019, a new Cable car was installed, which operates year-round. Riding it any season of the year is quite exciting, and the views are breathtaking at its top. On clear days, the Golan Heights and all of the Hula Valley are visible, as well as parts of the Galilee and southern Lebanon. It is possible to hike around the mountain top and enjoy the views and the cool breeze. Hiding through amazing landscapes rich in flora and fauna is also possible.

A tour of Mount Hermon can be combined with a multi-day tour in Israel, including exploring the Golan Heights.

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