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herodian quarter trial of jesus

During the Israeli-Arab War in 1948 the Jordanians conquered the Jewish quarter and deported all its residents. The Jewish Quarter was left in ruins for 19 years, until 1967. As a result of the Six Days War, Jerusalem was re-united, now under Israeli sovereignty. The Jewish Quarter was rebuilt, yet a large-scale excavation project took place before its reconstruction. The archaeological teams made various discoveries, such as the Cardo, the Burnt House, and more.  Among other, the archaeologists uncovered a first-century mansion complex, which they labeled as The Herodian Quarter.  Many ritual baths in those palatial homes, suggesting Jewish priests resided there. The complex was destroyed by a big conflagration, attributed to the Romans who conquered Jerusalem in 70 AD.

The Herodian Quarter and Jesus

Herodian quarter mosaicThe Herodian Quarterbears a wealth of finds attesting to the extreme affluence of its inhabitants. Moreover, the large number of ritual baths suggests the elite Jewish priests of that time may have inhabited it. Being so, it is fair to assume that the high priest Caiaphas resided in one of the mansions. Caiaphas is known in the New Testament as the High priest who summoned the Sanhedrin to interrogate Jesus. A big hall whose walls were nicely plastered and molded to imitate marble slabs was found in one of the mansions. Perhaps here, Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin interrogated Jesus?

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    * photos by courtesy of the Jewish quarter excavations and the company for preservation and development of the Jewish quarter.

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