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Herodium / Herodion

Herodium herodionHerodium (Hebrew: “Herodion”) was a fortified palace built by King Herod “the Great”, and named after him. Eventually it also became his burial site.

Later Jewish rebels hid and used the site, and in Byzantine times it developed as a monastic complex.

herods tomb herodiumIn 2007 Prof. Ehud Netzer wikipedia s announced on the discovery of Herod’s tomb at the site. 

I am among those suggesting Herod’s tomb is still to be found.

In 2014 I raised $25,000 for a new research for Herod’s tomb, but to my great dissapointment the grant was rejected by the expedition.

I still believe that Herod’s tomb is yet to be found, and hope that some day research will be done at the alternative site I propose.


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