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5 Day Christian Holy Land Israel Tour

A five days private tour to the Holy Land is a great way to unfold the spirituality and sanctitiy of the promised Land, covering most of the holy Christian and Biblical sites in Israel. Your private guide will lead you in comfort and guide you through sites in the Galilee, around the Sea of Galilee, in Jerusalem, as well as Bethlehem, Jaffa and Caesarea.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 – Nazareth, Cana and Tabor

Church of AnnunciationThe beginning of our tour will be devoted mostly to exploring the hometown of Jesus  –  Nazareth.  Strolling through the local market, we visit the  Church of Annunciation (Luke 1), the “Synagogue church” (Luke 4), and S. Gabriel church next to Mary’s Well. We can also drive to visit Mount PrecipiceAfter a lunch break in one of the local Arab restaurants we continue to Cana to learn about the “first miracle of Jesus”  – turning water into wine (John 2). We end the day ascending to the top of Mount Tabor – the mountain of the “Transfiguration” (Luke 9), and possibly visit the village of Nain, where Jesus raised a Widow’s son from the Dead (Luke 7).

Overnight: Tiberias


Day 2 – Sea of Galilee and Caearea Philippi

caesarea philippi tourAfter a nice rich Israeli hotel breasfast we head first to “The town of Jesus” –  Capernaum, where we learn about finds related to Jesus and his activity. We then drive by the Golan Heights and asses the location of the “Road to Damascus” where Paul was convereted to Christianity.  When we reach Caesarea Philippi (Banias), we explore the site where Peter proclaimed Jesus as “Massiah, son of living God“. (Mat. 16:13-20; Mark 8:27-30; Luke 9:18-20), and have a nice lunch. On the way back, if time permits, we could also visit Mount of Beatitudes,  Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fish, “Church of the Primacy of Peter”, or  “Sea of Galilee Boat“ exhibit.

Overnight: Tiberias


Day 3 – Magdala, Baptism site and Mount of Olives

Qasr el Yahood Before heading Jerusalem we visit the new fascanating finds made in the hometown of Mary Magdalene – Magdala. We then drive along the Jordan River, pass by Beit She’an, one of the Members of the “DECAPOLIS” cities, and make a stop by Jericho at the famed Baptism site (qasr el-Yahud).  For lunch we could go to the visitors center of Qumran where we can learn about the fasanating archaeological discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and then head up to Jerualem, possibly stopping at the Good Samaritan Inn, and reaching Jeruaslem just before sundown, to greet it from Mount of Olives Viewpoint .

Overnight: Jerusalem


Day 4 – Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Church of the Nativitiy BethlehemWe start with a drive to the check point, where a Palestinian guide will take into Bethlehem to visit the Church of NativityWhen Returning from Bethlehem we will park by Jaffa Gate, walk by Saint James Cathedral at the Armenian Quarter, and visit the site of the last supper (Cenacle), and possibly also the First Century Church on Mount Zion?;  King David’s Tomb Mark on Mount Zion and Dormition Abbey.  We proceed into the Jewish Quarter, visit to the Western wall, we join the Catholic traditional path known as the “Stations of the Cross” (Via Dolorosa), from place of the trial of Jesus, to the site of his Crucifixion and burial – Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Overnight: Jerusalem


Day 5 – Emmaus, Caesarea and Jaffa

House of Simon the Tanner Our last day will be deovted to significant sites along the Mediterranean coast.  We First head to  Caeasrea, where we review the wealth of finds, and especially those relating to Paul’s prison (Acts 23-26) and the baptism of Cornelius by Peter (Acts 10). Next we head to Jaffa. Visiting the House of Simon the Tanner and\or  the Saint Peter’s Catholic church we learn about Peter’s experience in Jaffa  (Acts 10:9-16). East of Jaffa, we can also visit the unique  Samaritan Community in Holon. If time permits we also visit Emmaus-Nicopolis, where Jesus appeared after his resurrection according to Luke (24:13-31).

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“He is amazing. He knows the entire country like the back of his hand.As an archaeologist he has done some of his own personal research into the various holy sites which makes him able to provide information that no one else can.

He’s a secular Jew, but can quote the New Testament better then most Christians, and has an amazing understanding and appreciation for what Catholics believe.”

(Nick Hardesty, Louisville KT. [from Facebook]).

“My husband and I asked Danny to guide us on a 3-day tour outside of Jerusalem.. Danny is incredibly knowledgable on the biblical, historical and political information surrounding all the sites. Even though this is my 4th time in Israel, I learned so much from Danny & his unique perspective as an Israeli archeologist.

As a Christian, Danny has offered me so much insight into the life of Jesus as well.Danny was fully present with us and we definitely enjoyed getting to know him more than just a tour guide. We highly recommend Danny! His years of expertise and love for Israel will make your trip an unforgettable experience.”

(From Tripadvisor)