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Ido Heruty

ido heruty

Ido Heruty is a licensed, professional Israeli tour guide.

Ido grew up in a suburb of Tel Aviv, and from early childhood was hiking, traveling and sightseeing all around The Land-of-Israel, first with his family, later with the “Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel” (SPNI),  and then, exploring on his own.

During his army service in the Air Force Operations,  Ido became a commander, 
and gained a lot of experience in leading people…
After serving in the army, his passion for learning and exploring the nature and history of Israel 
drew him to Beit Berl College, where he completed an intensive three-year academic program: 
“Knowledge of the Land of Israel”, and started leading trips all around the country, including Eco-Tours for the SPNI.
History, Nature, Bible, Politics, Traditions, Religions, Ways-of-Life, Zionism – you name it – there is so much to experience here…  The love for people, nature and the outdoors – makes it a very special experience “to feel Israel” through his unique, passionate way.