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Invented in the 1990s, indoor skydiving is a new and extreme gravity-defying sport of hovering over a wind tunnel in a controlled and safe way. The lift is generated by fans installed at the top of the tunnel lifting the air. The tunnel compresses the air and increases its speed up to 170 mph. The tunnel is transparent, and 45 feet high, enabling the viewers to watch the flyers inside. An instructor always stands next to you, ensuring your comfort and safety. Another controller is monitoring the airspeed at all times.

This adrenaline rush activity is perfect for a family and small groups, and is suitable for anyone of the age of 4 and above.  No experience or special skill are needed – the instructor will teach you that is needed.

Feel free to fly.

  • The facility is 10 miles south of Tel-Aviv.
  • The operator is certified and licensed by the International Body flight Association (IBA).
  • The activity is suitable for anyone over the age of 4 and in good health.
  • The activity must be pre-booked.

Please note that we offer this activity only as part of a tour of Israel, stating at USD$800.

If you wish to have this activity without a tour, please contact them directly 03-9394840.

Contact us to inquire more about a private tour of Israel that will include an indoor skydiving experience:

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