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Israel and Jordan Big Tour!

Day 1 – Caesarea

Shalom and welcome to Israel!.

Pending on time of arrival, we could visit the ruins of the ancient metropolis Caesarea   on our way up north, especially appreciating the Caesarea aqueductCaesarea PortPaul’s Prison in Caesarea (?)Herods Palace in CaesareaCaesarea Theatre, and more.

O/N: North


Day 2 – Golan Heights

Crossing the Jordan River  , today we ascend to the top of the Golan Heights . At Mt. Bental   we view into Syria and review the conflict between Israel and Syria, as well as the ongoing civilian war in Syria.

Next we join a local ATV tour  by the border, possibly climb on some tanks at the 7th Brigade Tank Monument , and after lunch we visit “Golan Magic” Visitors Center .

We end with a visit and an optional hike to Gamla , “The Masada of the North”, where the Jews were also defeted by the Imperial Roman forces some 2000 years ago.

Pending on time and will we can also visit a local winery, or a Chocolate worskshop (De Karina Chocolatiere ).

O/N: North


Day 3 – Galilee

This day is devoted to sites in the Galilee and around the Sea of Galilee. We start with a visit to Capernaum , “Hometown of Jesus” according to the New Testament, today an impressive archaeolical site, that bears, among others, the biggest synagogue ever found in Israel. Nearby we visit Magdala , a site that also combines significant Jewish and Christian history, and next we head up to Nazareth  , where we have a nice local lunch, and then review the finds at Roman era Sepphoris . On the way back, if time permits, we could also visit Cana .

O/N: North


Day 4 – Akko and Caesarea

Heading west we devote the morning to the significant mediavel city of Akko  . Former Capital of the Crusaders, Akko presents an impressive complex of the Hospitallers (the “Knights Halls” ) as well as an authentic local Arab Market.

From Akko we could have a Boat ride  around its walls, or sail to Haifa , where we can appreciate the Bahaian Terraced Gardens . If time and will permits, we could also visit Atlit Detainee Camp , and\or view Atlit Crusaders Fortress .

O/N: Tel-Aviv


Day 5 – Tel-Aviv

A full day devoted to the modern history of Israel as reflected in Jaffa  and Tel-Aviv  will start with a stroll along old Jaffa, and its nearby Flea Market .  Next we will head to Rothschild Boulevard .

At Shalom Meir Tower Visitors Center   we will review the early history  Tel-Aviv , and  nearby we will visit the “Independence hall”  , where the state of Israel was declared (!).

We will end with a drive to  Rabin Assasination site , and asses the current geo-politics of Israel and its surroundings.

O/N: Tel-Aviv


Day 6 – “Samson Land”

Heading out of Tel-Aviv we could appreciate some quite a few sites on our way to Jerusalem: the Palmach Museum , the Secret Bullet Factory (“Machon Ayalon”) , a drive along the “Burma Road”  Battle site of David and Goliath Beth Shemesh , crawl in Bar Kokhba caves , or visit the prolific David Gerstein Studio , and/or visit one many local wineries in the region. 

O/N: Jerusalem


Day 7 – Jerusalem

Our full day tour of the holiest city in the world will begin with an introduction from Mount of Olives Viewpoint , and possibly have also a quick visit to Garden of Gethsemane .

If you have an interest to visit and contribute to the City of David   archaeological project (The Ir David organization), we will have a special VIP tour of the site, and continue into the Old City  where we will visit the Western wall  , and possibly have a private tour of the Western Wall tunnels  .

After a lunch break we continue into the Christian Quarter  and walk along parts of the Via Dolorosa  to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre  .

O/N: Jerusalem


Day 8 – Dead Sea

Heading to the lowest dry place in the world, after we pass the Sea level sign we will see Jericho  and the Baptism site (qasr el-Yahud)  in the distance, and stop to view the caves where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were found (Qumran  ).

Next we will pass by the oassis of Ein Gedi , and possibly spot some local Ibex. The main focus will be on the mgnificant site of Masada  , famed for its dramatic and trajic history.

After appreciating the site we head to the for a lunch and a swim at the Dead Sea , and then head to Eilat   (2.5 hours drive).

O/N: Eilat


Day 9 – Eilat

The Morning can be used for an experience of Scuba Diving at the Red Sea  . Eventually we cross into Jordan, visit Aqaba , and to Wadi Rum for a Bedouin traditional Lunch  experience, followed by Jeep Tour , or an ATV tour in Wadi Rum .

Upon reaching Wadi Musa, we check in, have dinner, and later participate in the Petra Night Tour  .

O/N: Petra


Day 10 – Petra

The morning will be devoted to a full tour of Petra , including a hike to the “Monastery” (Ad Deir ). Later we drive to visit Little Petra , and the Crusaders fortress of Shobak Lot’s Cave , or Bab Edh-Dhra / Sodom and GomorrahIn the evening we reach Ma’in Hot Springs , where we can go for a night dip in a waterfall from a natural thermal spring (!)

O/N: Ma’in Hot Springs


Day 11 – Madaba

The morning will be devoted to exploring some of the fantastic mosaics found in Madaba  and especially the famous “Madaba Map” .

Later we continue to Mount Nebo , and view the “Promised Land” from the presumed place where Moses died and was buried. 

We end the day with visiting the site where John the Baptist was beheaded – Machaerus . See me presenting the site to “The Watchman”:

O/N: Madaba


Day 12 – Jerash

On our last day of the tour we will drive by Amman  and have a indepth review of ancient Gerasa , one of the best preserved cities from Greco-Roman Times.

We end heading to Amman intl. airpot for departure. 


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