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Being veteran tour experts, we are also well experienced with setting high-end luxury style tours to Israel. These tours are highly personalized and tailored to match your specific needs. We also guarantee to provide premium services throughout the whole tour. Private escort at the air-port upon arrival, luxury level vehicles, reservations at top hotels, fine dining experiences, and of course – top expert guides!

See below a sample several luxury level tour offers to Israel:


Is it Safe to travel to Israel?

We take your safety very seriously. We are all well acquainted with current events, and are up to date to any security situations. Our tour vehicles are also all regulated, insured, and highly maintained.

Who will be our guide?

Our team of tour guides is a small list of very selective guide that are not only all certified, but  have much experience, knowledge, and great social skills.

“Can you set hotels?”

Specializing in private and luxury tours, our office developed a personal connection with ALL top hotels in Israel, and so can insure you get the best for your money, at times free upgrades, and can also guarantee better prices then any other provider!. Just try us..

“I’m a Foodie”

The food scene in Israel in recent years has undergone a revolution, and more and more Israeli chefs are gaining international recognition and popularity.  We are very experienced with fine dinning options and can provide a different culinary experience for every day of the tour, as well as unique cooking workshops.

“And an Oenophile”

In the last 20-25 years there has been a complete change in the Israeli alcohol culture. Today there are over 300 wineries in Israel and the quality of some is world class. Our tours can include also visits to selected wineries as well as a few distilleries and breweries we are fond of..

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