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5 Days Israel Luxury Tour package

Day 1 – Jerusalem VIP

luxury tour jerusalemOur first day will be devoted to an introduction of the most holy and complicated city – Jerusalem.

We will greet it from Mount of Olives Viewpoint , and possibly have also a quick visit to Garden of Gethsemane .

jerusalem old cityIf you have an interest to visit and contribute to the City of David   archaeological project (The Ir David organization), we will have a special VIP tour of the site, and continue into the Old City   where we will visit the Western wall  , and possibly have a private tour of the Western Wall tunnels  .

holy sepulchre tourAfter a lunch break we continue into the Christian Quarter  and walk along parts of the Via Dolorosa  to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre  .

We end the day with a festive dinner in  Satya () or  Mahaneyudah ().

Overnight: King David Hotel (), or similar.


Day 2 – Dead Sea Premium

tour to qumranHeading to the lowest dry place in the world, after we pass the Sea level sign we will see Jericho  and the Baptism site (qasr el-Yahud)  in the distance, and stop to view the caves where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were found (Qumran  ).

tour to masadaNext we will pass by the oassis of Ein Gedi , and possibly spot some local Ibex. 

The main focus will be on the mgnificant site of Masada  , famed for its dramatic and trajic history.  

tour to the dead sea

After appreciating the site we head to the  Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel () for lunch + spa + swim at the Dead Sea + massage experience.


Overnight: King David Hotel (), or similar.


Day 3 – Fly to the Golan Heights

israel luxury tourAfter breakfast we will board the Helicopter and experience a great Helicopter Flight  above the Judean Desert and the Jordan Valley to the Golan Heights .


Upon landing you will meet there a specialist on the geo politics of the region, who will drive you with his jeep to unusual spots in the  Golan Heights , and will also introduce to you the famed vitic culture of this region.


Overnight:  Mizpe Hayamim Spa Resort ().


Day 4 – Galilee

tour to the galileeThe morning will be devoted to sampling some of the Holy Christian sites around the Sea of Galilee, such as Mount of Beatitudes Capernaum  and Magdala  .


tour to nazarethAfter fine lunch experience at Magdalena (), we head to Tel-Aviv, with optional stops at the Church of Annunciation  in Nazareth  , and/or Caesarea  .

Dinner will be set in one of the many trendy restaurants Tel-Aviv has to offer.

Overnight:  The Norman Hotel () Tel-Aviv, or Similar


Day 5 – Tel-Aviv in Style

tour to tel avivThe last day will be devoted to full appreciation of the modern and vibrant city of Tel-Aviv .

tour of tel avivOur day will begin with a drive along Jaffa  reviewing its history, followed by a drive to Rothschild Boulevard  to visit the significant historical site where the state of Israel was declated (Independence Hall ). Nearby we could also meet a local hedge fund company to present to you the special and succesfull “start up” scene of Israeli High Tech.

foodie tel aviv

Next you will meet your private chef who will take you to a Cooking Workshop  experience, so you will finally know how to make good Hummus! :-).

After eating the products we made, we head to a stroll in old Jaffa , and end the day with a visit to Rabin Assassination site .

Overnight:  The Norman Hotel () Tel-Aviv, or Similar

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