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Israel Museum Fine Arts Wing

israel museum fine arts wing pousinThe Israel Museum’s fine arts wing exhibits a wide range of creations, encompassing works of art from across the globe and across the ages. Its diverse collections include Israeli Art, European Art; Modern Art; Contemporary Art; the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas; Asian Art; Photography; Design and Architecture; and Prints and Drawings. Among its European art masterworks are The Destruction and Sack of the Temple of Jerusalem by Poussin; The Death of Adonis by Rubens; and St. Peter in Prison by Rembrandt. Its outdoor art garden should also not be missed, presenting works of Rodin, H. Moore, Picasso, Anish Kapoor, and more.

For a full appreciation of the Museum’s fine arts wing it is recommended to set a guided tour of the Israel Museum combined with a day tour of Jerusalem.

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