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Israel private guided tours for seniors

Touring can be an exhausting experience and especially touring Israel. The Old City of Jerusalem cannot be done by car, and touring many sites requires much walking.

Touring in a wheel chair can be even more challenging, as not all sites are “wheel chair friendly”, although much effort has been done in recent years, to make National parks in Israel more accessible.

Bellow is a suggested tour of the Holy Land, with aids to minimize walking:

Private Tour of Jerusalem for Seniors:

A tour of the Old City   of Jerusalem involves much walking and many steps. A new service of gold carts can ease the experience of touring the old city and save also much time. 

The cart can reach most of the sites in the old city, and saves much time and effort.

Hourly cost of the golf cart: $30

Daily cost of guide + transportation: $650


Private Tour to the Dead Sea for Seniors:

tour to masadaA tour to the main attractions of the Dead Sea. At Masada   a cable car will get you to the top of the site in comfort, and the northern part of Masada can be done with a wheel chair. Later we can drive to one of the hotels by the Dead Sea  where one can swim in an inner pool, with rails, that is filled with warmed up salt water from the Dead Sea. The tour will also include a drive through the Ein-Gedi Nature Reserve  , and a view of the caves where the Dead Sea Scroll were found (next to Qumran  ).

Daily cost of guide + transportation: $700


Private Tour of “Samson Land” for Seniors:

A day touring to the Battle site of David and Goliath , sites related to Samson, a visit to a famous artist’s workshop (David Gerstein Studio ), and a drive along the 1948 “Burma Road”  .

The tour will include minimal walking and can also be done in a wheel chair

Daily cost of guide + transportation: $700


Private Tour of Jaffa and Tel-Aviv For Seniors:

jaffa private tourA tour combining the alleys of Jaffa , and a drive through the main attractions of Tel-Aviv  , but designed for seniors, i.e. minimal walking in Jaffa , and reviewing Tel-Aviv mostly by driving through its different points of interest.

Daily cost of guide + transportation: $700


Private Tour of Caesarea and Haifa for Seniors:

haifa bahai gardensA tour to the viewpoint of the famous Bahaian Terraced Gardens  in Haifa , and an exploration of the ancient city of Caesarea  , set with minimal walking or even in wheel chair, yet covering places like – Caesarea aqueductCaesarea PortNew Visitors CenterCaesarea Theatre and more.

Daily cost of guide + transportation: $750


Private Tour to Nazareth, Cana and Capernaum for Seniors:

capernaum tourA tour to the main Holy Christian sites in the Galilee. At Nazareth   you will be let off in front of the Church of the annunciation to minimize the walking, and at Cana  we can drive in the alleys of the village straight to the entrance of the “Wedding Church”. Capernaum   requires a bit of walking, that can also be done in a wheel chair.

Daily cost of guide + transportation: $850


Needless to say that being a private tour, the pace of walking and explanations can all be adjusted to the client.

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If you have a handicap sign for your car please bring it with you!