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James Elgrod

James (Jamie) Elgrod was born in London (1978) and made Aliyah with his family at the age of two. History was always his favorite subject and he read everything he could find related to the history of Israel.

Being a “people lover”, he became a youth leader until entering the army at the age of eighteen for three years. He then started working as a political advisor, concentrating on internal affairs.
After a few years, he returned to his real love, his interest in the legacy of the Jewish people and the land of Israel, and became a professional tour guide, and a senior guide for the VIP department at the City of David in Jerusalem.

James presenting the latest excavations at the “City of David” to “The Watchman”, Erick Stakelbeck

James presenting the Christian history in Jaffa to “The Watchman”, Erick Stakelbeck.

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