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Jerusalem Recommended Restaurants

chakraMahaneyudaAdomKafe HarovaAbu-Gosh Restaurantpinati The biggest buzz over a restaurant in Jerusalem for the last few years is over Mahaneyudah which is located at the edge of the vegetable market by the same name. 

Other good choices would be Chakra and Adom, and along Shlomzion street, there is a nice selection of dinning options, such as Focachetta , kosher Canela , Osho , and Gabriel.

An excellent combination of  location and cuisine  is Mamilla rooftop, especially at sundown!.

For an ethnic experience go either to the authentic Armenian Tavern in the Armenian quarter of the Old City, the vegetarian Eastern European style Café Harova in the old city, the very special Eucalyptus restaurant, the Moroccan style Darna restaurant, The “Jerusalmite” style AzuraRachmo, or the Kurdish style IMA restaurant.

And of course the best Hummus joints are in Jerusalem!. In the old city go to Hummus Lina or Hummus Achramawi, or Abu-Sukri, and in western Jerusalem go to Pinati (which is now a chain, but only the Jerusalem original branch is really good!). near it Ta’ami is also a good choice, and so is Hummus Talpiot, which is,well, in talpiot.

If planning a tour of the Israel Museum    the new Modern restaurant is a pleasent surprise, and off king David street and in Baq’a the two sister restaurants “Olive” and “Olive and Fish” are worth a dinner, and even better choice in Baq’a would be Colony.

Outside Jerusalem a popular destination for an Arab cuisine is the village of Abu Gosh, of which Abu-Gosh and Naura restaurants are especially recommended. If you continue to the Shephela, Fresco in Beth-Shemesh offers good Italian style dishes (including an optional unique Gluten free menu!), and if heading towards Gush-EzionGavna will provide a good kosher vegetarian meal (with the most spectacular view in Israel!).


Below is the ranking of these restaurants, IN MY OWN OPINION, compared to their listing in other food web portals.

#1 – Mahaneyudah

What appears to be a cultural successor to “chakra”, “mahaneyhuda” is a developing gastronomic icon in Jerusalem. Named after the market where it is located (“Mahane Yehudah” market), fresh materials are guaranteed. And if the three chefs are in a good mode, the menu is  simply poetry. The waiting list is soooo long, that they recently opened a bar “Yudaleh” across the street. Beth-Yaakov st.10, Mahane-Yehudah market, Jerusalem.   “Danny the Digger” rating:      + Tripadvisor Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars; Ranked #2 in Jerusalem restaurants (!). rating:  8.4 of 10 ; On “2012 recommended restaurants” list.   Foddor’s: Not reviewed.  Frommers rating: Not

#2 – Chakra

A cultural and gastronomic institution that was branded when located at the end of Hillel st. Now in a hidden spot near King George st., but still trendy and appealing to good looking Jerusalemites. The menu itself is eclectic, inventive, and sophisticated. King Geroge st. 41, Jerusalem. . “Danny the Digger” rating:       Tripadvisor Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars; Ranked #13 in Jerusalem restaurants. rating: 9.5 of 10; On “2012 recommended restaurants” list. Foddor’s: Reviewed. Frommers rating: 2 of 3 stars. rating: Not listed. .


“Red” in Hebrew, “Adom” stands probably for the passion put into the orders. From great bisque crab soup to excellent T-bone lamb. And make sure not to miss the spaghettis, served in their bronze pans. All in a 19th century stone building which was part of the very first Jewish colonies outside the old city of Jerusalem. Jaffa st. 31, Jerusalem. . “Danny the Digger” rating:      Tripadvisor Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars; Ranked #7 in Jerusalem restaurants rating:  8.6 of 10 ; On “2012 recommended restaurants” list.   Foddor’s: Not reviewed.  Frommers rating: 2 of 3 stars. rating: 4 of 5 stars.