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Jerusalem with SAP group

Jerusalem is perhaps the holiest city in the world, venerated by Jews, Christian and Muslims. It has five thousands years of history, and has witnessed more battles then anywhere else in the world. Obiously one day is not enough to understand and appreciate this complicated city – but its a good start.. 

At 8:30 we will depart from the  David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel-Aviv, and by 9:45 we should reach Jaffa Gate .

We start with a panoramic view and review above the Market (Suq ) of the  Old City . We then head to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre  , a complex built over the traditional sites of “Golgotha” and the Tomb of Jesus.

We continue along the Via Dolorosa  in the Christian Quarter  , and eventually reach the famed Western Wall  .

At 13:00 we are set for a nice lunch experience at “IMA ” restaurant, and if time permits, we could have a short drive through the nearby Mahane Yehudah Market   


At 14:30 we have a private guided tour at the National institution for the memory of the Holocaust (“Yad Vashem”  ).

We end the day with a drive along the Ultra Orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem (Mea Shearim ), and possibly a panoramic view of Jerusalem from Mount Scopus. 

At 18:30 we are set to dine near the “First Station” , at “Hasadna (The Culinary Workshop) “.

By 20:00 we will head back to and return to Tel-Aviv, ending the day around 21:00.