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More Jerusalem Attractions

Additional Attractions in The Old City of Jerusalem:

Enter the Temple Mount and see the Al-Aksa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. Asses the possible remains from the time of the Jewish Temple, and appreciate Muslim architecture of different periods.

Reach theCity of David, and explore possible remains of King David’s palace and King David’s Tomb. Continue to ”Area G”, Warren’s shaft, The Canaanite Tunnel,  Hezekiah’s Tunnel, and the Pool of Siloam.

Visit the Pool of Siloam, and walk along the newly opened Herodian drainage channel and  reach the Southern Wall Archaeological Park and “Davidson Center”.

Join a tour of the Western Wall tunnels, which takes you from the Western wall prayer plaza up to the northern end of the Western Wall, all under the Muslim Quarter.

Explore Mount Of Olives holy sites (part 1): Church of the Pater NosterChapel of the AscensionDominus FlevitGarden of GethsemaneCave of GethsemaneMary’s Tomb, and Stephanus Church.

Explore Mount of Olives Holy Sites (part 2): The Russian Church of the Ascension and Church of Mary Magdalene, the Catholic and Greek-Orthodox Churches of Bethphage, and the “Tomb of the prophets“.

Visit Holy sites on Mount Zion, such as the place of the Last Supper (“Cenacle“); the rest place of Virgin Mary (Dormition Abbey);  site of the denial of Peter (Petrus in Gallicantu);  the Armenian Caiaphas ChurchSchindler’s grave; the Tomb mark of King David, and the Chamber of the Holocaust.

Participate in the Temple Mount Debris Sifting Project , which since 2005 turned up hundreds of artifacts testifing to the rich and complex history of the Temple Mount.

zedekiahs cave

Next to Damascus Gate we explore the huge and mysterious Zedekiah’s Cave, continue to the alternative crucifixion site – the Garden Tomb its nearby Saint Etienne Church, the British Mandate era Rockefeller Museum, and the Shroud of Turin Exhibition at the “Notre Dame Jerusalem Center”.

Museums in the Jewish Quarter:Learn more about Jerusalem at  Ariel Center, the Herodian Quarter, the Burnt House, and the Temple Institute.

hurvah synTake the audio tour of the Hurvah Synagogue, and explore the underground Ramban synagogue, the Sepharadic Synagogues, and the Karaite Synagogue, all in the Jewish Quarter.

Experience the History of Jerusalem at the “Time Elevator“, and at the Tower of David Museum, including its Tower of David Night Spectacular.


Additional Attractions In Western Jerusalem:

Have an indepth tour of the Israel Museum: The “Shrine of the Book”, the Model of the Second Temple, the Jewish Art and Life Wing, the general Art Wing, and of course – the Archaeological Wing. Possibly continue to nearby Bible Lands Museum or Monastery of the Cross.

Visit “Yad Vashem“, the national memorial for the atrocities committed by the Nazis on Jews during the Second World War. Continue to nearby  Herzl Museum and Mt. Herzl.

Stroll along Jaffa Road, and Ben Yehuda Street, to Mahane Yehudah Market, explore its neighbouring Nachlaot cluster of neighborhoods, as well as the Ultra-Orthodox are of Mea Sheaim.

Book a guided tour of the Supreme Court Building, walk through the Rose Garden to the Knesset, and explore the Tenth Legion Ceramic Workshop underneath the Israel Convention Center.

science museum

Get the kids hands on exhibits at the “Bloomfield Science Museum“, or let them run around at the “Jerusalem Biblical Zoo“. Add also a shopping stop at Yad Lakashish, and support the elderly support organization.

Walk through a 423 meters long Hasmonean Water Tunnel, originally built 2200 years ago to suuply water to Jerusalem. Continue to the “First Station” railway station.

Next to Menachem Begin Heritage Center Visit the mysterious 2600 year old Judaic Ketef Hinnom tombs. Stroll in Mishkenot Sha’ananim and then continue to the mysterious “Abba Cave” in Northern Jerusalem, perhaps the burial of Mathithias Antigonos, the last Maccabean king.

JM segway

Book a tour and explore Jerusalem on a Segway!. Starting at $65 per person for a 2 hours tour (Done by a third party).


More Attractions in the vicinity of  Jerusalem:

Drive south of Jerusalem to explore Herodium, site of the burial of King Herod. Crawl in its caves in search of the lost royal tomb. Nearby try some goat cheese in a local dairy farm.

Drive to Ein Karem and visit John Baharim church and the Chruch of the Visitation. Nearby, enjoy the “Chagall Windows” in the synagogue of the Hadassah Ein Karem Medical Center.

Visit the Ramat Rachel archaeologiclal site, and its nearby Olive Columns environmental sculpture. Drive on to Rachel’s Tomb, viewing Bethlehem and the Kathisma church on the way.

Visit “Genesis Land“, and experience hospitality in the style of Abraham. Have a camel ride, swim nearby at one of the springs of Nahal Prat (Wadi Qelt), and possibly hike from Ein-Qelt to the St. George Monastery.

A short drive from Jerusalem, at Abu-Gosh explore Abu-Gosh Crusaders period church, the Abu-Gosh grand mosque, and the Notre Dame de l’arche d’Alliance church. Complement the experience with some local fine Hummus and Kanafeh.


Learn about the Battle site of David and Goliath from the top of Azekah and possibly a hike to Khirbet Qeiyafa; tour Biblical Lachish; and learn about the Philistines at The “Philistine Street” in Kibbutz Revadim.

bar kokhba caves

Explore in the Shephela underground city of Maresha, its nearby Roman city of Beit Guvrin; crawl in Bar Kokhba caves; view Battle site of David and Goliath, and explore the Biblical town of Beth Shemesh.

burma road

Learn about the Heroic and critical project of providing supplies to Jerusalem in 1948 by a drive along “Burma Road”.


flam winery

Diverse the tour of the Shephelah by a visit to a local winery, or a visit to David Gerstein Studio.


Learn about Israel’s armored corps by visiting Latrun battle site at “Yad La-Shiryon“. Complement the experience with a visit to nearby Mini-Israel, the Maccabean Graves, Beit Jimal and Emmaus-Nicopolis.

nabi samuil

Tour Nabi Samuil and learn about the facts and traditions concerning the burial place of Samuel the prophet. Contiue to The Kennedy assassinations’ Memorial  (Yad Kennedy) and the 9/11 Jerusalem Memorial Monument.

Drive through the Jerusalem Hills and see the Holocaust ‘Scroll of Fire’ and the Anne Frank monuments in the ‘Forest of the Martyrs’. Diversify the experience with exploring the Stalactite Cave, visiting a local winery, or taking a horse ride.

Book EXTREME activities such as an ATV tourZip-line or shooting with live ammunition!.

Drive into Bethlehem to visit the Church of the Nativity and the Shepherds’ Field (to be conducted by an Arab Colleague). visit also Mar Elias Monastery on the way.

Drive “deep” into the west bank to visit the  Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron, and a possible stop at Rachel’s Tomb, viewing Bethlehem on the way.