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Private Tour of Jerusalem for Half a Day

Jerusalem could take a whole life to study and understand. It is such a fascinating, holy and complicated city!. Setting a private tour for just a few hours is doing it injustice. It is only an option if you are really presured in time. Ready, set go

Feel  the Jewish Quarter

Priivate tour to Jerusalem

The meeting point can be at Jaffa Gate, or in “Aroma” branch in Mamilla Pedestrian Mall (If coming by car you can park it at Karta parking lot). With the Tower of David in the back, this is a good spot also to introduce the historical outline of Jerusalem, and then head into the Old City. We start with exploring the Jewish Quarter. Walking along the Roman period Cardo, passing by the Burnt House and the Hurva Synagogue, our aim is to reach the plaza of the famed Western Wall. Here you can join the local tradition of putting a note between the sacred stoned, and taka a minute to feel the spirituality of this sacred place.

Walk along the Stations of the Cross

Christian tour Jerusalem Holy Sepulchre We continue into the Christian Quarter, and join the Via Dolorosa, the traditional path from the site of the trial of Jesus to the site of his crucifixion. Reaching the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, we review the complex built over the traditional sites of  Golgotha and the Tomb of Jesus. Perhaps the holiest site in the Christian world, this is a site not to be missed!

Hummus Shop and Drop

suq jerusalem old city market for lunch we can try a one of the local small hummus restaurants, or go for some Armenian barbecue. After a lunch break, we can allocate some time for a souvenir shopping experience in the big  Market (in Arabic Suq). The options very from antiquities to spices, and from Olive wood works, to hand crafted Armenian painted Ceramics. 
With some tangible memories of this tour we head back to the starting point outside Jaffa Gate.

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