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Private Tour of the Jewish Heritage of Jerusalem

The epic center for all Abrahamic religions, Jerusalem is the most sacred city in the Western World. It attracts Jews Christians and Muslims alike, and have been in so many conflicts and wars as a result. In Modern times the Zionist movement has fulfilled the long sought dream or resuming Jewish presence and sovereignty in the city. A tour of Jerusalem from a Jewish perspective is presenting the realization of a dream for many Jews for many generations.

Uncover the Antiquities of the City of David

Jerusalem private tour jewish focus We  start the day with a the stunning panoramic views from the Mount of Olives Viewpoint,  and perhaps make a “shehecheyanu” blessing. This is also a good spot to introduce the history of Jerusalem.

Next, we head to Where it all began – City of David, . We watch a 3D movie presentation at the visitor center, and review the finds that may testify to the location of  King David’s Palace, and King David’s Tomb

Pool of Siloam

We then explore the water system of Biblical Jerusalem by walking through the 533 m wet and dark Hezekiah’s Tunnel. Alternatively, we could walk along the dry Canaanite Tunnel, which leads to the Pool of Siloam as well. We Review the siginificant discoveries relating the time of the First and second Jewish Temple of Jerusalem, and then head into the Jewish Quarter.

Reaching the Old city is done by an exciting walk along the Herodian era drainage channel, which ends right in front of the Western Wall, in the complex of the  Southern Wall Archaeological Park..

Exlore the Jewish Quarter

western wall

Following a visit to the Western Wall itself, we head up to the Jewish Quarter. After a lunch break we explore some of the Quarter’s  main sites, which are many –  Temple Institute; the Temple model at Aish Hatorah Yeshivah; the Cardo; the Hurva Synagogue; the unique Karaite Synagogue; the Biblical era Broad Wall; the Herodian Quarter; the Burnt House; or the model of First Temple Jerusalem (Ariel Center).

Visit the Tomb Mark of King David

king david tomb mark

We end the day with a walk to Monut Zion. A large stone cenotaph in a romanesque style old building is venerated for centuries by Jews as the tomb mark of King David. In the early years of the state of Israel this was a major Jewish pilgrimage destination. The rooftop of the building is also a great place for panoramic views of the Old City. Next to it is a unique memorial institution in memory of the Holocaust – Chamber of the Holocaust.

Alternatively, we can end the day With a drive through Mea Sheaim and a tour of the official national memorial of the Holocaust – at Yad Vashem.

Optiona Tour the Western Wall Tunnels

Western Wall Tunnels If reserving in advance, it is also possible to join a group tour of the Western Wall tunnels during the tour. These tunnels were dug along the foundations of the Western Wall all the way to its northern end.

The Western Wall Heritage foundation also offers unique attractions like a Virtual Tour of the Second Temple Chain of Generations. Especially if are also celebrating a Bar-Mitzvah, these are fun and educational experiences.

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