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Private Tour to John the Baptist (Prodromos) church

john the baptist relic jerusalemJohn the Baptist (“Prodromos”) church and monastery is a small complex in the Christian Quarter  of Jerusalem, property of the Greek-Orthodox church. It is unclear if the church was built already built in the 5th century, but it was in use of the Crusaders in the 12th century.  Later it became the property of the Greek-Orthodox church.

Their renovations in the building in the 19th century uncovered artefacts that were identified as relics of different saints.  The church displays today a relic relating to John the Baptist. In 2018 a major renovation projects rnewed the paintings and design of the church. 


Book a Private tour to the John The Baptist (“Prodromos”) church

The John the Baptist (“Prodromos”) church is in the heart of the Christian Quarter in the old city of Jerusalem. Contact me to get a proposal of a full day tour of Jerusalem that will also include a visit to this church.

Private Tour to John the Baptist Church in Jeruslaem Location Map

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