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Tomb of the Prophets

The “Tomb of the Prophets” is a large burial cave near the top of Mount of Olives identified by Jewish and Christian tradition as the burial site of Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi (cf. Mat. 23:29).

The site has 26 burial niches, and two adjoining burial caves. Inscriptions indicate that the site was also used for burial of Christians in the Byzantine period. The property is owned by the Russian Orthodox church, but is kept by a local Arab who lives on top of the tomb.

Visiting the Tomb of the Prophets

The site is accesible by foot from Mount of olives Viewpoint, but is with in a private residental property. It is also locked. The Arab living at the site has the keys, and will also be happy to provide candles, for a humble monetary token of appreciation.

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