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Jewish Galilee

Jewish Oriented Tour of the Galilee

beth shearim catacombsAfter the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem (70 CE), the Galilee thrived as a Jewish center for six centuries.

Starting at Beth Shearim , hometown of “Rabbi Judah the Princewikipedia s, we visit some of the big burial caves dug in the city’s Necropolis, and try to assess the reasons for its popularity among Jews in late antiquity.


tour to SepphorisWe then proceed the Sepphoris , regional center in Roman times, and a major Jewish city in late antiquity, Home of the Sanhedrin, and the site Where R. Judah compiled the Mishna.

capernaum tourPassing by Capernaum , where the biggest synagogue from Antiquity can be seen, we stop at  Magdala , where recently a rare 1st centurey Synagogue was discovered.

tiberias maimonides tomb

Upon lunch time we reach Tiberias.  In Talmudic times Tieberias was the seat of the Sanhedrin and the site of compilation of the “Talmud Yerushalmi“. Tiberias is also known for tombs of various Rabbis, such as Tomb of Maimonides , “Tomb of Rabbi Akiva“ , “Tomb of the Matriarchs” , “Tomb of Rabbi Me’ir Ba’al Hanes” , and the Tomb of Rachel .

tour to tsfat

We could visit one of these tombs, as well as review Abulafia Synagogue  in Modern Tiberias Ancient Tiberias Hamat Tiberias  ancient synagogue, and also drive up to Mount Berenice  for the views.

hamath tiberias synagogueIf time permits we can also visit the intriguing mosaic floors of an ancient synagogue found in Beth Alpha , and the Zionist historical site  Kinneret Farm  and Kinneret Cemetery .

If staying Safed   for the night, we could explore Safed’s artists colony, and visit one of Safed’s historical synagogue, such as Yosef Karo Synagogue .


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Additional Jewish Attractions in the North:

Ascend to Safed , and stroll in the old city amidst numerous Judaica shops, including Yosef Karo Synagogue Continue to Rosh Pina , Jewish Colony of the late 19th century.

Experience the exciting  visit to the  British mandate period Atlit Detainee Camp , where Jewish immigrants and holocaust survivors were held by the British.

Explore ancient metropolis Caesarea  , with an emphasis on its Jewish History, including an optional visit to nearby Kibbutz Sdot Yam , home of Hannah Szenes .

Explore important Archaeological sites in the hulah valley: Canaanite and Biblical Tel Hazor , and Crusader period fort Chastellet.

Visit the Zionist historical site Kinneret Farm , and the nearby burial site of the poets Rachel Bluwstein (“Rachel“), and Naomi Shemer. Sweet the experience with a visit to Galita  Choclotaire workshop in kibbutz Degania .

Stay the night in the north and explore the next day Jewish sites in the Golan Heights :  Gamla ,  Umm el-Kanatir Katzrin (including Golan-Magic Visitors center ), and Mt. Bental 

Stay another night and explore more of the Golan Heights : an ATV tour against the Syrian Border ; Lunch in a kibbutz and a movie about the OZ 77 unit in 1973 war ; visit a Shofar factory (“Kol Shofar” ), or participate in a workshop at De Karina Chocolatiere .

Explore sites on the foothills of the Golan Heights : Biblical Tel Dan , Roman period Caesarea Philippi (Banias) , 1967 batlle site of Tel Faher, and 1997 Israeli Helicopter Disaster Memorial .The tour can also combine beautiful hike to Banias water fall .