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Jewish Jerusalem

A Jewish Oriented Tour of Jerusalem

Jerusalem private tourWe start the day with a panoramic view from the Mount of Olives Viewpoint ,  and perhaps make a “shehecheyanu” blessing. 

Viewing the old city, we try to assess Jerusalem in the First Temple period and the Second Temple Period.

city of David

We then head to the  City of David  , “Where it all began“!. We watch a 3D movie at the visitors center, and review the finds that may testify to the location of  King David’s Palace , and King David’s Tomb   .

Pool of SiloamWe then explore the water system of Biblical Jerusalem  by walking through the 533 m wet and dark “Hezekiah’s Tunnel” , or along the  dry “Canaanite Tunnel, all the way to the Pool of Siloam  .



Southern Wall Archaeological ParkWe can also walk along the newly opened Herodian drainage channel  (more then 500 m long!), which ends right in front of the Western Wall   , in the complex of the  Southern Wall Archaeological Park  , which includes also Davidson Center .

western wallAfter a visit to the  Western Wall    itself we head up to the Jewish Quarter After a lunch break we explore the Jewish Quarter sites such as the Temple Institute ; the Temle model at Aish Hatorah Yeshivah ; the Cardo ; the Hurva Synagogue ; the unique Karaite Synagogue  and Talith Workshop  ; the Biblical era “Broad Wall” ; the Herodian Quarter ; the Burnt House ; or the model of First Temple Jerusalem (Ariel Center ).


king david tomb markWe could also sign up for the tour of the Western Wall tunnels  , including the great new attractions of the Virtual Tour of the Second Temple  ; Visit King David’s Tomb Mark on Mount Zion  as well as the President’s Room ;  walk along Mea Sheaim , or drive to the western part of the city, to tour the Israel Museum  , visit Herzl Museum  and Mt. Herzl , or tour the Holocaust National Memorial at Yad Vashem  .


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