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Jewish 1 Day Tour

If you are staying in Tel-Aviv and wish to conduct a single day tour with emphasis on ancient and modern Jewish history this is my best recommendation:

We meet at Tel-Aviv , and driving by Independence Hall  we review the significant event of Ben Gurion’s decleration of a Jewish state, and then head up to Jerusalem.

After Latrun we get off the highway and join the 1948 “Burma Road”  “, learning about the battles around Jerusalem in 1948.

Upon reaching Jerusalem we park the car, and head to a tour by foot of the Jewish Quarter , the Western wall  , and the “City of David  “. These sites presents best the core of Jewish history from the time of King David, to our days. The tour could include a walk in “Hezekiah’s Tunnel  “, or joining a tour of the “Western Wall tunnels  “.

Map of a “One Day Jewish Tour”

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