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Private Tour of Israel for Jews – 1 Day Package

Independence hall Tel AvivIf you are staying in Tel-Aviv and wish to conduct a single day tour with emphasis on ancient and modern Jewish history this is my best recommendation:

We meet at Tel-Aviv , and driving by Independence Hall  we review the significant event of Ben Gurion’s decleration of a Jewish state, and then head up to Jerusalem.

Burma RoadAfter Latrun we get off the highway and join the 1948 “Burma Road”  “, learning about the battles around Jerusalem in 1948.

Western WallUpon reaching Jerusalem we park the car, and head to a tour by foot of the Jewish Quarter , the Western wall  , and the visitors center of the “City of David  “. These sites presents best the core of Jewish history from the time of King David, to our days. The tour could include a walk in “Hezekiah’s Tunnel  “, or joining a tour of the “Western Wall tunnels  “.

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Dear Danny.

Thank you for giving us a great time. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip a lot. Your sensitivity and kindness to our needs and catering To 3 generations is not an easy task but you did it with a lot of care and love.

We felt very safe and the tours were appropriate to our needs. We  went to independence hall and that felt very emotional Our grandchildren went to. Keep up the good work and hope to see you soon.

Fay and Ban Elisha, Australia

To Whom it may concern:

I am pleased to furnish this testimonial to Danny Herman’s abilities as a moreh derekh. Danny served as a private tour guide for a carload of my friends and family. From our base in Jerusalem, we went as far North as safety permitted, and Danny was able to suggest alternate routes, and to improvise parallel itineraries on short notice, so that we could take in a range of historical and contemporary-interest sites, as well as the archaeological and biblical points of interest.

Ultimately, our day included outdoor touring, Carmel, lunch with local Druze citizens, Megiddo, the Jezreel Valley, kibbutz beit alpha, the Jordan valley, and home, in one very full day of travel and learning. Danny filled the day with informative presentations, delivered in a genial manner that worked for all the members of our group, even though we were disparate in our own touring tastes. Danny was sensitive to the physical endurance limitations that some of our members needed to respect, while still giving the group as a whole a satisfyingly full day of touring and education.

I recommend his services wholeheartedly for the synagogue group I will be leading this coming October/November. While his certification is currently specific to archaeology, my experience is that he will be fully able to handle the range of explanations that our group will need, in order to have a meaningful tour.

Rabbi Michael Panitz
Temple Israel of Norfolk, Va.