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Private Tour of Western Jerusalem

Jerusalem’s historical and sacred heart is the Old City  , and to a great extent also Mount of Olives .

israel museum tourIf you have covered these parts of Jerusalem, and still have some free time, I would recommend the following: Review the highlights of the Israel Museum  , visit the national memorial of the Holocaust (“Yad Vashem”  ), and later go for a stroll and a lunch break at the main market of Western Jerusalem – Mahane Yehudah Market  . After lunch we could drive through the neighrborhood of the Ultra Orthodox Jews – Mea Shearim  and learn about the diversity of the Jewish religion. 

chagall windows jerusalemOther options In the western side of Jeruslem could be a visit to the Israeli Parlaiment building (Knesset ), and the Supreme Court Building ; a visit to Mount Herzl , and its Herzl Museum . Nearby is the village associated with the Nativity of John the Baptist – Ein Karem  , where one can visit John Baharim Church  Chruch of the Visitation , and in the near hospital also the Chagall windows .

abu gosh mosqueNear Jerusalem, in the Israeli Arab village of Abu-Gosh, we can visit the Abu-Gosh Crusaders period church , the Abu-Gosh grand mosque , and the Notre Dame de l’arche d’Alliance church .

rachels tombAnother option is to the drive to the Southern of the Jerusalem, near Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, where we can view to Bethlehem  as well as visit the Olives Columns environmental sculpture ,  Ramat Rachel archaeologiclal site Mar Elias Monastery , the Kathisma church , or Rachel’s Tomb .

church of nativity bethlehemI can also arrange a Palestinian guide to the take you into Bethlehem , and visit the Church of Nativity  , the Cave of Saint Jerome The Milk Grotto , and the Shepherds’ Field 

South of Bethlehem  we can also visit Herodium  , famed site of Herods’ burial, or join a Live Shooting  session in an anti terror facility.


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The cost of a private tour to Jerusalem  + transportation starts at USD$650. Contact me for more details and booking a tour:

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