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dibon jordanAccording to the Bible Dibon was one of the stations of the Israelites during their exodus from Egypt (Numbers 33:45) and later part of the lot of Gad’s tribe (Number 32:3; Joshua 13:9).  Sometime in the 9th Century BCE it became the capital of the Moabites, and its Moabite king Mesha led a succesful rebellion against the Israelites to gain indpendance (II Kings 3). In 1868 a stele found in Dibon proved to be a decree made by Mesha. It is one of the most important Archaeological discoveries ever made in relation to the Bible. The site itself bears little finds.  

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Biblical Dibon is identified at Tell Dhiban, about 30 km south of Madaba  Contact me for a tour proposal of Jordan that will include a visit to Dibon.

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