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Iraq Al-Amir

Iraq el Amir

“Iraq el-Amir” (Arabic “Caves of the Prince”) is a small village some 15 km west of Amman that bears a magnificant stone structure (“Qasr el-Abd”) decorated with lions and eagles releifs. This structure is quite likely the palace of the “Tuviah” Jewish tax collectors family that lived in this area in Hellenistic times.

iraq el amir lionAccording to the first century historian Josephus, one of their members built a massive complex, that included images of animals (Ant. 12:23-233). In the cliffs nearby 15 caves were carved for various purposes. On two of them the name “Tuviah” is chiesled in Aramaic Hebrew. 

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Iraq el-Amir is about 15 km West of Amman. Contact me for a tour proposal of Jordan that will include a visit to the site.

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