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Danny The Digger - Israel Private Tours

Keri R., Summer Courses & Special Academic Programs, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Nathalie Shalom,


Danny has taught a number of courses for my Dept. in recent years, including “Uncovering Jerusalem: A Historical and Archaeological Survey,” as well as “Archaeology of the New Testament.”

In addition, he guides our visitors from partnering institutions, as well as academic tours for a multitude of our special/faculty-led programs that attend throughout the academic calendar.

Unanimously, the feedback I receive regarding Danny Herman’s performance is spectacular.

Be it a full course, a guest lecture, a single academic tour, or a guided tour for visitors, Danny succeeds in delivering an outstanding, informative, multi-faceted experience to the participants.

Danny does not deliver the “same old tour,” but rather integrates multi-media visuals via his ipad, and invests a tremendous amount of thought in how to offer diverse touring experiences that ‘keep up with the times,’ including his latest integration of a Segwey tour of historical/archaeological Jerusalem.

Danny is a perfectionist, and will stand for no less when it comes to his participants and the experience they walk away with.

He is both charismatic and humorous, and has excellent English.

I recommend him highly, and have no doubt that he will be a tremendous asset to kishrei chutzi , should you decide to hire him.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have,