Kfar Aza is a communal farm (Kibbutz) in southern Israel, 2 km from Gaza’s border. The Kibbutz was established in 1951 by Jewish immigrants and refugees from Egypt and Morocco. Like many other farms in Israel, Kfar Aza developed the fields around the Kibbutz for agriculture and pioneered automated watering systems. It is also the base of Kafrit Industries, a plastic manufacturer.

Kfar Gaza 2023 Massacre

As part of the Hamas terror attack on October 7th 2023, approximately 70 Hamas militants attacked the kibbutz from four different directions. They indiscriminately killed residents and torched cars and homes by Rocket-propelled grenades (RPG). The Kibbutz’s first response squad (כיתת כוננות) fought back, and from 8:00 Israeli military forces joined in the battle. On Oct 8th the Hamas launched a second attack with 20 militants. Israeli forces battled them successfully before reaching the Kibbutz.

Notable figures of the battle:

Itai and Hadas Berdichevsky –  A 30-year-old couple murdered by Hamas terrorists, yet they left their 9-month-old baby twins alive and crying to ambush rescue forces. The babies were rescued after 12 hours.

Kotz Family – a Family of five that Hamas militants murdered.

Dafna (15) and Ella (8) Eliakim – Two sisters whom Hamas kidnaped after breaking into their house and broadcasting live the capture of the family. They also broadcast how they forced their brother, Ofer, to knock on neighbors’ doors and capture more Kibbutz members. Eventually, they kidnapped the whole family, but during the ride, they were shot by other Hamas militants who thought these were civilians trying to escape. Only Dafna and Elyakim survived and were taken in another car. Most of the time they were kept with a family. In the last two weeks, they were moved to a tunnel and met 5 more kidnapped females before being released after 51 days in captivity.    

Tal Eilon – Head of the Kibbutz’s first response squad. Tal activated the squad and fought the Hamas militants, but being outnumbered he died in the battle.

Israel Shumer – A General brigadier in reserve who lived in the Kibbutz was jogging when the Hamas attack began. Seeing the gliders, he ran back home and sent his family to their secured room. At first, all he had was a kitchen knife. Later he took an M16 of a first response squad member who was wounded. He successfully killed 6 terrorists and reported on the scale of the attack. When military forces reached the kibbutz he joined them and battled till the evening. He then rushed to the northern border, where was a regional commander.

Shai-Lee Atari – A known Israeli musician and performer, especially for her song – אצלנו בגן. During the Hamas attack, they hid in their house in Kfar Gaza. When Hamas terrorists opened the secured room’s window, her husband, Yahav, assaulted him barehanded. This gave Shai-Lee an opportunity to escape with the 1-month-old baby, Shia. They managed to hide in the neighbor’s house and were rescued only after 27 hours. Yahav was murdered by the Hamas.

  • As of February 2024, Hamas killed 79 members of the Kibbutz, and is still holding 19 hostages.

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