Nestled at the foot of Mount Tabor, Kfar Tabor is a picturesque village in the Lower Galilee region of Israel. Founded in 1901, Kfar Tabor is a landmark in the Zionist history of Israel.

A Brief Historical Overview

Kfar Tabor was established in 1901 by 21 Jewish families from neighboring settlements. In the first years, the Jewish Colonization Association (יק”א) supported its foundation. The founders named the colony “Mesh’a”, the Arabic name of the property, but in 1903, Menachem Ussishkin recommended changing it to “Kfar Tabor” (Hebrew: village of Tabor). Indeed, Kfar Tabor is located near Mount Tabor, a historical landmark mentioned in the Old Testament, and by Christian tradition, it is the site of Jesus’ Transfiguration. The colony suffered from Arab theft, which led it to establish “Hashomer”, a Jewish guarding force. In retrospect this first Jewish military power is the forerunner of Israel’s IDF.

Kfar Tabor Today

Today, Kfar Tabor is a thriving community comprising residential, agricultural, and industrial areas. The village is home to a diverse population known for its strong sense of community and connection to Jewish heritage and tradition.

Touring Kfar Tabor

Kfar Tabor offers a selection of attractions, including historic landmarks, a museum, a winery, a Marzipan Museum, and more.

A visit a Druze Village can be combined with a day tour in the north.

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