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Recent Media cooperations

Recently I was blessed by having a cooperation with several media productions: I narrated a British production about an archaeological mystery related to the Dead Sea Scrolls.. , I was interviewed by “Alhurra” TV, and I featured in an article about guiding these days.. Good PR! 🙂  

Guiding Jack Sinclair, Walmart Grocery manager, Sept 2015

Guiding Top CROSSFIT Trainer RUSSEL BERGER, 2014

This Winter I was honored to guide World top CROSSFIT trainer, trainer, Russel Berger. We had a great time touring the old city of Jerusalem, and sites around the Dead Sea. Russel later directed several CROSSFIT workshops across the country. A set of videos were made of this experience. Here is the one focusing more on his tour with me – . With this attitude, next time Russel is here I expect him to convince the whole audience at the Western Wall to do some synchronized squats! 🙂 . . . Watch the first episode of Russel’s visit to

אפי שטנצלר, יו”ר הקק”ל

הי דני היקר. אני מודה לך מקרב לב על יום מקסים שארגנת לנו בירושלים הסברת בדרך שונה ומעניינת מאוד את ירושלים המאוד מושכת כל משתתפי הטיול ללא יוצא מן הכלל נהנו ושיבחו בהצלחה, תודה ולהתראות [אפי שטנצלר, יו”ר הקק”ל]

Guiding Jamshyd Godrej, Chairman & Managing Director of Godrej group (India), October 2013

With Dr. Oz and R. Boteach

On July 30th I had the honor and pleasure of guiding Dr. Oz, and his host, Rabbi Boteach, with their families, in the north. In line with Boteach’s book (“Kosher Sex“) we apprecitate the “breast taking view” of the Sartaba site ;-), and we toured Tiberias and Cana.   

Guiding Dr. Shiferaw Teklemariam, Ethiopia’s Minister of Federal Affairs, November 2012

Guiding Dr. Christine Ondoa, Uganda’s Minister of Health, September 2012

Leena and Alan Dunn, August 2012

Danny, Thank you again for a wonderful, enlightening day yesterday.  Leena and I truly appreciated you guidance through the Old City and will cherish the experience forever.  I wish you all the best. Kind regards, ALAN DUNN    

Guiding Korean Astronaut Yi So-Yeon, July 2012

Guiding Hershel Shanks, Editor of BAR, 2012

Guiding Hershel was a big personal reward and honor for me. Hershel is the “Guru” of popular “Biblical Archaeology”, writing and editing “Biblical Archaeology Review” for more then 40 years. I am pleased to say I will also guide a BAR/BAS group this coming October. I took Hershel (and Sue Laden, his publisher) to the possible site of the Maccabeen Tombs, and the ancient synagogue at Umm el-Umdan (Modi’in?) Meeting, touring, and guiding Hershel was one of my most memorable experiences in the last few years. An thank you Taka for taking the photos!

Head of Electric company in Serbia, Tihomir Simic

  I would like to thank you for the hospitality and friendship you showed to me and my associates during our stay in Israel. With my wishes for continued successful operation and good mutual cooperation, please receive my warmest greetings, together with an invitation to visit our company, Vojvodina and Serbia at your convenience. Sincerely yours, Dr. Tihomir Simic

Guiding Carl Barney and Peggy Runnels, June 2012

Dear Danny. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to make this an extraordinary experience for us. We appreciate your in depth knowledge, your patience and concern, and youe willingeness to put 100% effort into the many details of coordinating our trip. We’ve enjoyed your company all along the way. We wish you happiness, prosperity, and peace for your country, which was made great by dedicated individuals like yourself and your familly. Best Carl and Peggy. ps.  Good luck on your film idea – –  I hope you’ll find a producer and film team to make it a reality!

Guiding Chinese University of Hong Kong group, June 2012

Guiding Holywood stars lawyers Mr. and Mrs. Jackoway, March 2012

thanks for everything. We had a great time and really appreciated learning more about Israel from you. Good luck to you and stay in touch. Best, Michele

Lecturing to Diplomtic Staff at the IDC Herzelyia, March 2012

Danny — you gave our IDC group one of the best presentations yet!!  thank you very much… [Paul Hunt, Ambassador of Canada]

Guiding Bruce Brda, World Service Manager of Motorola Solutions, March 2012

Danny, It was great to meet you last week.  I truly enjoyed the tour of Jerusalem.  You need an excellent job of getting through 4000 years of history in two hours – with excellent detail. .. Thanks again. Bruce

Guiding a mission of Young Politicians from Finland, January 2012

On a cold January day I had the honor of guiding a delegation of young politicians from Finland. Didn’t catch all the names, but they included Cata Mansikka-aho, Aki Ruotsala, and Heikki Autto. Kitos, Finland!

Guiding Edward and Linda Doyle, October 2011

Guiding king Turner from Nigeria!, September 2011

His Majesty king Turner is really a king from Nigeria!. He is ruler of one of the regions in this African country. Was a great honor for me to show him the Holy Land!

Guiding Matthew and Eli Bronfman, September 2011

Guiding Stephen Jennings, Founder and CEO of RENAISSANCE CAPITAL, March 2011

Guiding VIP guests of the Jewish Federations – the Davies and Brown Families, March 2011

It was raining all day. we had to cancel a tour of the Golan heights, and tried our luck at sites along the jordan valley. It raigned all the way. We were concerned. BUT – Just as we reached Beth-Shean, the rain stopped, and as we entered the ancient Bath-House complex the most AMAZING rainbow appeared in the sky!. I just had to get a group photo of this magical moment!!. Life is full of surprises, isn’t it? 🙂

Guiding Psychiatrist George Levy and Judge Rachelle Lewitan, January 2011

George and Rachelle are a charming couple from Australia. One been a psychiatrist and the other a judge, every thing I explained was analyzed by George, and then trialed by Rachelle :-). George reached the conclusion I have a guiding compulsory disorder, and Rachelle ruled that he is correct 🙂

Guiding HP Softwear Manager, Bill Veghte, December 2010

Guiding Craig and Shelly Huey, November 2010

Craig Huey is the president of “Ceative Direct Marketing Group” (, and of infomat ( I was fortunate to both guide him and his lovely wife, Shelly, and  get some great  marketing advice from him. Thank you Craig 🙂

Guiding the Bloomfields and Mrs. Liveris, October 2010

Mrs. Liveris is lively and lovely person. She is also the wife of Mr. Andrew Liveris, CEO of Dow chemicals. Harry and Nancy Bloomfield are are a charming and warm couple who live in Canada and Jerusalem. Their generous family donated to many different institutions and projects in Israel (Bloomfield stadium. rings a bell?..) Below is a photo of us meeting his Beatitude Theophilus III, the Greek-Orthodox Patriarch of Jeruslaem.

Guiding David Satterfield, head of the MFO in Sinai, July 2010

Guiding David Satterfield, head of the MFO in Sinai, July 2010

Guiding Remy Best, CEO of Pictet Bank, July 2010

Guiding CEO of Pictet Bank, July 2010

Guiding nobel prize winner, Prof. David Gross, June 2010

Guiding nobel prize winner, Prof. David Gross, June 2010

Consulting Simcha Jacobovici (“the Naked Archaeologist”) at Hippos-Sussita, April 2010

Where is queen Esther buried?, and how do you play “Nine Men’s Morris”?? Watch the next episode of “The Naked Archaeologist” to see how I explain these to Simcha!

Guiding John Stafford, former CEO of Wyeth, and his granddaughters, July 2009

“The best guide I ever had!”  

Guiding Susan and Jonathan Gross, July 2009

Jonathan Gross is a mathematician and a professor of computer science at Columbia university. He specializes in “Graph theory”. “My wife, Susan, and I had three wonderful days with Danny as our guide. This was our fourth trip to Israel within the past ten years. Seeing places like Tel Hazor and Tel Dan with an expert on archaeology explaining how we know what we know about these times long ago was a special treat.”

Guiding John McDonald, partner of “Revolution” UK chain bar, July 2009

“I learnt more about the Bible with Danny in a day than I have ever had attending Sunday school or church, the tour is just excellent!”

Guiding Prof. Tina J. Wray, June 2009

Tina is an Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island, where she teaches courses in Biblical Studies and World Religions. She wrote several books, many articles, and participates in the excavations on Mt. Zion.

Guiding a TV production at the caves of Qumran, June 2009

on June 09 I guided a TV production of “travel channel” to caves no. 3 and cave no. 11 near Qumran. It was part of an American production about the copper scroll.

Guiding INTEL vice president Josh Walden, and his family, March 2009

“Thank you again Danny, for evrything. Will definitely send more Intel people your way. See you soon, I hope! ”

Guiding Nobel Prize Winner, Prof. Eric Maskin, July 2008

On July 2008 I guided Nobel prize winner Professor Eric Maskin. Professor Maskin is known for his research on “Mechanism design“. The tour however focused on the design of experience and fun for his family and his students, who were attending a summer school at the institute of advanced studies of the Hebrew University. We toured Masada and the Dead Sea. The mechanism (of fun) proved to work!.. Last year I guided another Nobel prize winner, guest of the Hebrew University, known for his discoveries in the fields of “String Theory“.