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Laura McPhail, USA

tripadvisor logoMy dad and I had only one day to explore Jerusalem; we are history buffs so it was important for us to hire a guide who could help us capture its history in a crisp, measured, unbiased and informed way. I selected Danny after careful research — we even moved around our schedule to accommodate the one day that Danny had free for us (and this was during the off-season).

My advice is to book Danny immediately — or risk losing out on the best guide you will ever have.

There is definitely a fun and highly entertaining side to Danny; however, do not be thrown off by his whimsical name (I nearly was).

Danny the Digger is an accomplished archaeologist and historian. You will see he thoroughly loves his field and his geography. In fact, he teaches a month-long course at Hebrew University in the summer which dissects the major New Testament sites in and around Jerusalem to help determine what likely happened vs what was a medieval fairy tale. I hope to take this course one day.

On top of everything else, Danny can give you a great synopsis of the history of Israel and the current political situation.

This includes recommending guides who can take you into the Palestinian Territories, if that’s on your list.

My only regret is that we did not reserve Danny early enough to have him take us around Israel for the other two days of our trip. He was already taken!

P.S. Danny’s own family history is interesting too. Ask him why he’s called Danny the Digger — it’s a really good story.

Laura McPhail, USA.