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Latter-Day Saints Tours to Israel

Book of Mormon in Hebrew After years of gained experience in guided tours, we are also proud to offer also a selection of specially crafted tours designed for Latter-Day Saints travelers. To qualify, our team managed to obtain and study rare copies of the Book of Mormons – in Hebrew. And Trust us – they are hard to find! But when there is a will, there is a way (and our special thanks to the Southwick family!)

Studying the book of Mormons and the history of the Latter-day Saints church enables us to present a selection of guided tours across the Holy Land. These vigorously paced tours cover both Israel, certain destinations in the West Bank, and optional extensions to Petra and Jordan.

Our specially is private and small groups tours. Being so, these tours are perfect for families and small groups. Our team is comprised of hand-picked master guides. We are all licensed, experienced, knowledgeable, sociable, passionate and dedicated to our job!

Check out the various tours options listed below, and contact Us to Inquire about your own tour to the Holy Land!

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