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Media consulting

Over the years I consult to various media productions. Here is a recent list:

* Appearing on Friday night news of Israel’s Channel 2, reviewing the ancient Theatre in Caesarea (see result here).

* consulting and appearing in a DISCOVERY CHANNEL production about the Biblical Giants.

* Appearing in a SYFY production about haunted archaeological sites. (see result here)

* Appearing in an AM\PM production about the Dead Sea Scrolls and the “Da Vinci Code”.

* appearing in a “Travel Channel” production focusing on the antiquities around the Dead Sea.

* Appearing in the Israeli CHANNEL 10 morning show, commenting on various archaeological discoveries. (see example  here)

* Appearing in a sitcom show on Israeli CHANNEL 2. (see result here)

* Consulting and appearing in THE NAKED ARCHAEOLOGIST.

* Consulting and presenting internet portal www.itraveljerusalem. (See “behind the scenes” clip here)

* Consulting interenet portal (See appearance in clip here).


Sample Videos


Reporting to JPOST.COM on the Church discovered in Khirbet Midras, November 2011


Appearing as a guest in an Israeli morning show, June 2009