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Meir was born and raised in Jerusalem, served as a combat medic in the Nachal Infantry Brigade and later on in an elite medical teaching unit. Meir  studied Biology in Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and received his MBA from Leicester University (Tel-Aviv branch). Meir lived in Canada for many years, where he owned and operated a number of  telecommunication companies. Meir returned to Israel to do what he loves most: show this beautiful country to visitors from all over the world, with an objective to make each tour a special one that will leave the tourists pleased, satisfied, inspired and that they will then become our ambassadors overseas.

Meir  specializes in biblical, first and second Temple periods, early Christianity, religions, Israel politics, borders, and economy, and what makes Israel such a unique place.

Meir owns a luxury Ford S-Max van that can accommodate 4 adults with 6 large suitcases, or 4 adults and 2 kids with minimal luggage space.

He has guided ministers and MP’s of foreign governments, CEO’s of fortune 500 companies, actors etc., and countless private tours of many sorts.