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Magdala was a prosperous fishing village on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, 5 km north of Tiberias, uo tp 67 CE, when it was destoryed by the Romans. In the 1970’s the Franciscans started excavating at the site, also in hope to find evidence related to Mary Magdalene wikipedia s, who was a native of Magdala.

Excavations renewed Magdala in 2009 by the  “Magdala CenterChrome-Icon project, and so far several buildings were recovered, including two synagoguees from the 1srt century.

The site is not yet officially opened to the public, yet in early 2012 a small display of the finds from one of the synagogues were set up.


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A 360 Degrees photo at the entrance to the ancient Synagogue of Migdal / Magdala