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Mitzpe Ramon

Mizpe Ramon

Only in Mizpe Ramon you can see an F16 without wings carried across the city..

“Mitzpe Ramon” (Hebrew: “Ramon Observatorion Point”) was founded in 1951 for the workers building the road to Eilat  . It developed into a “Development town” and today has a population of about 5000.

Ramon crater visitors center

Located above the Ramon Crater , it is an excellenct stay for tours to destinations in the area such as: Jeep tour in Ramon Crater Ramon Crater Visitors Center Rappeling in Ramon Crater The “Carpentry” Salman Bedouin Hospitality Experience Avdat  Mount Karkom Stars Watching Session in Machtesh Ramon , and a jeep tour along the The “Incense Route” The most known hotel in “Mipze” is the new 5 stars + “Breseheet” () Hotel.


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Points of Interest in the Area

Ramon Crater
Rappeling in Ramon Crater
  Salman Bedouin Hospitality Experience