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Montfort Castle

tour to montfortThe Montfort Castle (French: “Strong Mountain”) was first developed as a farm in the western Galilee in by the French De Milly family. In 1220 they sold the estate to the German Teutonic order, who transformed it to a spur castle, and changed/ translated its name to “Starkenberg” (German: “Strong Mountain”).

montfort 2Montfort became the headquorters of the Teutonic order, and their treasury and archives were moved to the site. In 1271 Baibars made a second attempt to conquer Montfort, and the battle ended with Teutocnic clrearance of the site with all their possesion. The archives were taken to Acre and later to Europe and are preserved to this day. 

Book a Private Tour to Montfort Castle

Montfort castle is in the Western Galilee, and requires a long hike. The tour take about 3-4 hours.  Contact me for a dull day tour that will include a hike to the site.

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