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Amazing family trip!
Danny is every bit as good as all of these glowing reviews suggest. In December 2017, my extended family (a total of 17 people – including 6 adults and 11 children between the ages of 7 and 17) took a two-week tour with Danny.
The trip was the best trip of our lives, and Danny was an amazing guide.
He was patient with us as we tried to decide what we wanted to see and gave us excellent advice about what he thought our diverse group would enjoy seeing. Danny was infinitely knowledgeable, both about the logistics of visiting sites (and quick to make and suggest changes as conditions changed), and about the history of the places we visited.
With his guidance and willingness to adapt on the fly, we were able to see everything we had hoped to see and more. Danny has an extensive background in history and archaeology, including about the history and archaeology of Christian sites. My family is Christian (LDS/Mormon), and Danny did a great job of helping us to find and learn about sites that were of interest to us.
mount of olives camel rideSometimes we were interested in doing our own presentations/discussions at various sites, as well, and Danny always sensed when we wanted a little family time to discuss the religious significance of different places and was very respectful of our beliefs and the kind of experience we wanted to have together as a family.
Danny was equally engaging with adults and with kids, and he did an amazing job of keeping even the youngest in our group interested, entertained, and well fed.
He also organized our trip to Jordan, which was terrific as well. By the end of our two weeks, we had come to see Danny as a dear friend, and we loved meeting his son and the son of our amazing driver and playing a great game of soccer together.
I give Danny my highest recommendation and, indeed, I have since recommended Danny to a number of other friends and family members, some of whom are currently planning their own adventure with Danny.