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Most Recommended Sites

* The list is based on my private opinion alone, and is not to be taken as any official view of any institution or state

The Holy land has a long and rich history (a brief review is presented here). It is also a Holy Land to the three major monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. And their very holiest sites are just 500 m apart!. Un doubtfully the top three most important sites to visit in Israel are the “Holy trinity”, all located in the old city of Jerusalem:

1. Western wall
2. Holy Sepulchre
3. Dome of the Rock

You didn’t really visit Israel if you didn’t visit at least one of these sites. They have a very strong impact and implications on the history and politics of all

of this land.


And the history and politics of this land cannot be understood without visiting the next three sites:

4. Masada
5. Yad Vashem
6. Independence hall

The first illustrates the drama of the fall of Jerusalem and Judaea 2000 years ago.

The second illuminates the calamity the Jewish people faced during the Second World war – the mass assassination of 6 Million Jews.

The third replicates the historical declaration of state of Israel in 1948, just six years after the Holocaust.


The next three sites in this list:

7. City of David
8. Capernaum

9. Mt. Bental (=Golan heights)


These sites reflect in the most vivid way ancient and modern history, sanctity, and politics of the land of Israel.

The last site to enter this list is a site I recommend to end the to

ur of Israel with. It presents a conglomerate of much of  the culture, archaeology and art of this land –

10. Israel Museum

Enjoy the tour!


For the general location of recommended sites in Jerusalem:

For the a general location of Mt. Bental, independance hall, and Masada: