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Formed by a volcanic eruption nearly a million years ago, Mount Bental is one of the highest mountain tops in the Golan Heights. Since 1967, Mount Bental is part of the line of the volcanos that mark the Israeli Syrian ceasefire line. Officially under custody of the UN, unlike other mountains in the region Mount Bental is open to the public. The vistas from its summit are some of the most breathtaking views anywhere in Israel. Almost all the Golan Heights are visible from here, as well as Syrian Quneitra and the plains around it. It is also possible to walk through trenches of an unmanned Israeli bunker and enjoy a hot drink at the local coffee bar with the creative name ‘Coffee Anan’ (a play of words on the former UN head, whose Hebrew meaning is – Coffee in a cloud).

The path to the summit is decorated with metal sculptures of mostly former agricultural tools, made by Israeli-Dutch artist Joop de Jong. His workshop is in kibbutz Merom Golan, in the dormant volcano’s caldera. The Kibbutz also offers a horse ride around the mountain, or an extreme ATV buggy tour along the Syrian Border.

Touring Mount Bental

The site is open to the public every day of the week, free of charge.

Touring Mount Bental can be combined with multi-day tour in Israel that will include exploring the Golan Heights.

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