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Muslim Quarter

muslim quarter jerusalemThe Muslim Quarter is the biggest and most crowded part of the Old City  of Jerusalem. Most of its streets are a local market (Suq ), as well as great food places: Hummus Arafat (the Best!) and Hummus Abi-Shukri; Sweets and khnafah shop “Jaffar” and Mutabak specialist “Zalatimo “, and more..

tour to the muslim quarter jerusalemParts of the Via Dolorosa   are also in the Muslim Quarter, as well other siginificant Holy Christian sites: the Terra Sancta Museum  , “Ecce Homo” Arch , the Lithostrotos Mary’s Birth Place Pools of Bethesda and the Prison of Christ  by Greek-Orthodox tradition. 

Photos (C) courtesy of Bert Sirkin.


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Points of Interest in the Area

via dolorosa Via Dolorosa
 damas gate After Damascus Gate
 An image of the Dome of the Rock, a seventh century CE Muslim edifice which, by Muslim tradition, marks the spot where Ishmael was to be sacrificed, and the place from where Mohammad ascended to Heaven to receive the five daily prayers of Islam. Photo © D Herman Temple Mount