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My Ethical code

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Although not a corporation, I believe that I (and all tour-guides) should follow an ethical code. Inspired by Moses himself.., here are my “Ten (Ethical) Commandments“:.The five “do”:

1. QUALITY –  My review of the sites and subjects will strive to be of the highest quality.

2. “I.A.I”. – My explanations will always aim to be “I.A.I.” –   INFORMATIVEACCURATE, and above all – INTERESTING!.

3. VISUAL AIDS – Whenever possible I will include visual aids in my guides: charts, maps, replicas of coins, etc.


5. HUMOR – So is their dignity. Gentle humor, mildly used, and in a non offensive style.


The five “Don’t”:

1. NO BULSHIT – I will not tell “bobe mayses” (Yiddish for “tales”).

2. NO EXTRA COSTS – I will not ask the client to cover my entrance fees and meals.

3. NO TIPS – I do not ask , expect, or work for a tip. I do my job the best I can to be worthy of the fees I charge, not beyond that. True that tips are common in my field, but I don’t think they are an automatic addition one should add to the total pay. Only if you felt the touring experience was exceptional, you may express it also by a tip.   Far more important for me that you recommend me to all you know. A kind word about me on tripadvisor would also be much appreciated!.

4. NO SHOPPING – I will not seek to take clients shopping. I will include shopping stops ONLY if the client(s) ask for it.

5. NO COMISSION! – And I definitely will not hustle shops to provide me a commission!.