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Top 10 play on words when Touring Israel

Ok, this one is my favorite page, I have to admit. I love humor, as it spices any conversation or tour. Over the years of guiding I have collected several cute play on words that I came up with or heard from my clients. Here are the Top 10 of them – 

beit shean toilets The first constipated man in history was Cain.

He wasn’t Abel.

Moses on the other hand did not suffer the same 

He took two tablets.

john the baptist relic jerusalemThere are several traditions about the burial place of John the Baptist [Machaerus; Samaria; Mazor, and Jerusalem].  Conclusion: Saint John rests in pieces.

Mount Tabor is a beautiful rounded mountain in the lower Galilee.  Seeing it for the first time, Rabbi Shmuli Boteach said to me it is a breast taking view.

R. Yehudah “the Hassid” died in Jerusalem in 1700 from stale food.  Perhaps he is the first recorded case of a Hummuside.

Mount of Olives is famous also for its sacred Jewish cemetery, and many Jews still wish to be buried in it. They are dying to get in.

Have you ever tried going through a field of mines in the Golan heights

It is a mind blowing experience.

Only after crawling in the many caves in Maresha you finally understand why this country is also known as “The Holey Land“.

What did the sign in Latin say at the entrance to the public Latrine of Caesarea?  


baptism site How to create Holy Water?

Boil the hell out of it!

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