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MA, MBA Daniel Herman


  1. Licensed Tour guide, 2010.
  2. MBA, Derby University. 2010. Topic of Paper: Tourists Satisfaction of Private Tour Guides.
  3. M.A. degree at the Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 2003. Topic of the paper: The Coins of the Itureans.
  4. B.A., Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1995. Major in Biblical-Classical Archaeology. Secondary studies in Christianity and Art History.
  5. Army service 1986-89, paratroopers unit.
  6. High school at Kibbutz S’de-Eliyahu (Beth-Shean valley, Israel). Full matriculation (major in technology and the humanities).

Major Work Experience

– Since 2017: Founder of “Israel Premium Tours“.

– 2012-2016: Conducter of the BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGY SOCIETY Study tours to Israel.

– Since 2012: Lecturer at overseas school of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Teaching the courses:

Uncovering Jerusalem: A Historical and Archaeological Survey (SPGE201).

Archaeology of the New Testament (SPAR201).

– 2010-2011: Lecterur on history and Archeology of Israel at program for Diplomats, at IDC, Herzelia.

– Since 2008: Establishing a private tour guide company and  “Danny the Digger” brandname.

– Since 2007: Lecterur and guide at Tour guide courses  in Israel School of Tourism.

– 2002: Scientific editor of a book about the archaeology of the Negev.

– 2000-2015: Guide for IMPH program; Beth-Shemesh excavations; Tagliot; Kedem; and Psefas.

– 1997-2000: Guide for Israel Antiquities Authority; Shrine of the Book; Bible Lands Museum.

– 1996: Research assistant to the numismatic collection of the Institute of archaeology at the Hebrew University.


– 2013. Make Way For the King! Herdo’s Funeral Exhibition Opened in Jerusalem. YNET. 12.2.13 [Hebrew]

– 2012. Abba’s cave. Is this the burial site of the last Maccabean king?. YNET, 12.12.12 [Hebrew]

– 2011. Tel Gezer. YNET, 20.10.11 [Hebrew]

– 2011. Macdonald’s at Masada: over commurcialism or proper public service?. YNET.CO.IL, 19.9.11 [Hebrew]

– 2011. Day trip: Last chance to see Khirbet Midras excavations. JPOST, 11.2.11.

– 2011. Last call: come see the church before its covered. YNET, 11.2.11 [Hebrew]

– 2011. Presenting Bethpage. YNET, 25.1.11 [Hebrew]

– 2010. Mary Magdalene’s Synagogue?Jerusalem Post, Christian Edition. 12.4.2010.

– 2010. Who moved the LadderBAR 36/1:14.

– 2008. New Finds from the City of David. YNET.CO.IL, 4.8.08 [Hebrew]

– 2008. Down Under: What’s Really Beneath the Cave of the Patriarchs. Shiurtimes Nov. 2008.

– 2007. Mystery: Where was Jesus Born?. YNET.CO.IL, 25.12.07 [Hebrew]

– 2007. Following a Mystery: Where were the Maccabees buried?.  YNET.CO.IL, 4.12.07 [Hebrew]

– 2007. (With Notis M., Shugar A., and Ariel D.T.). Chemical Composition of the Isfiya and Qumran Hoards. In Michael D. et al. (Eds) Archaeological Chemistry- Analytical Techniques and Archaeological Interpretation (ACS Symposium Series 968). Chapter 14, pp. 258-274.

– 2006. Catalogue of the Iturean coins. Israel Numismatic Review 1:51-72.

– 2006. Good money. The rise and fall of the Tyrian Shekel. Et-Mol 188:5-7. [Hebrew].

– 2006. The Iturean religion and the Origin of the Heliopolitan cult. Cathedra 119:5-12. [Hebrew].

– 2003. (with E. Negev and Y. Koren). Avraham Negev, Scholar of the Nabateans in the Negev. In O. Rimon (ed.). The Nabateans in the Negev. Haifa. Pp. 79-83 (English summary on pp. 47*-49*).

– 2002. Certain Iturean Coins and the Origin of the Heliopolitan Cult. Israel Numismatic Journal 14:84-98.

– 2000. The Secrets of the Balsam. TevaHadvarim 58:99-107 [Hebrew].

– 2000. The Antiquities of Jericho. Tsalul 15:10-11 [Hebrew]

– 1999. Fit for a Feast. Eretz 67:57-60.

– 1999. The oldest of them all. Eretz 64:67-69 [Hebrew].

– Since 1996: author of the column News from Jerusalem in the Australian periodical Archaeological Diggings.

yedioth modiinSo far for the official Resumé. If you want to read a more personal review of my bigraphy, in 2015 a local magazine gave me a cover and a detailed interview.

Excerpts in English of this interview can be read at this link.